Two Click Order Set Up

Here’s how we do it. We’ll send a team out to measure each of your floorplans and make notes about installation.  These measurements are stored in our database and are ready when you need them.

When you have a move out and need new flooring for a unit you can use our Two-Click Order system to tell us you need flooring, what size unit, what floorplan and when you need the work done.  We have your colors and flooring in stock, your floorplan measurements on file and your flooring on the way to you. You will usually get a call within an hour assuring you we have your order and soon after an email telling you the date we have the installation scheduled!

Apartment and Property Managers throughout the Triad have been wowed by the quick turnaround, quality service and impeccable standards of Got You Floored.  Contact Denise today at and we’ll get you set up for your next move and flooring installation.