In the Industry

Matt KettermanGot You Floored has been recognized in the flooring industry in the Southeast as a leader and innovator. Owner Ketterman has always run the business with strong core values and a willingness to give back to his employees, customers, community and the industry itself. One of the efforts that Matt has taken on is a series of short articles sharing ideas, tips and insight that he has gleaned since opening his business in 1998. Strongly believing the classic saying that “A rising tide raises all ships” he is a believer in networking and sharing ideas among peers and across industries.

If you own a business, or hope to some day, you may find some of these items valuable. Also, each article includes an invitation to share ideas you have found successful with Matt through his email address. The more prosperous we make our community and workplace the more we’ll all enjoy life together.

Rising Tide Articles

(Note: these articles are .pdf files and will require an appropriate reader.)

Who Pays for Your Branding?

Do you LOVE Your Role?

What Pays for Your Operations Team?

You Made a Profit. Now What?

Do You Sell $1MM a year? Why Not?

Org Chart: A History Lesson or a Road Map to the Future?

Owners: Are you the Top Producing Sales Person in Your Company?