Going Green

Going Green With Carpet Recycling

Got You Floored makes sure that a large percentage of used carpet and padding gets recycled and saves space at the landfills. Each year Got You Floored recycles over 3,000 apartment units of carpet pad! All carpet and padding is brought back to our site, evaluated and then picked up by a recycling team and returned to the carpet mills for recycling. Our suppliers are leaning towards earth friendly products such as vinyl tile made from recycled PVC piping, carpet made from recycled nylon, bamboo and hard wood (natural resources), and carpet cushion (padding) from recycled foam.

Below are examples on how one of our suppliers, Shaw, takes part in the recycling effort.

Reclaimed Carpet
Green Carpet

Through Shaw’s national system, post-consumer carpet is collected and sorted according to fiber type. The Type 6 nylon carpets are sent to Evergreen Nylon Recycling where they are shredded into small pieces and conveyed to a mixing/melting unit.

Type 6 Nylon
Green Nylon

The post-consumer carpet fiber is recycled and converted to caprolactam, the building blocks of Type 6 nylon. Caprolactam is purified through a series of operations and transported to a facility where it is converted into Type 6 nylon polymer.

New Nylon Fibers
Green Fibers

Anso® nylon and EcoSolution Q® nylon fiber contain Type 6 nylon recycled from evergreen; They can then be tufted into new carpet. These fibers may be recycled repeatedly without the loss of any aesthetic or performance properties.